Mathur Mannampulli Kavu kali Bagavathy Temple Palakkad kerala 678571

Subham Karoti Kalyanam Arogyam Dhana Sampadah
Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Dipa Jyotir Namostute

Sarva mangala maangalye shive sarvaartha saadhike

Sharanye trayambake Gauri narayani namosthute


              In the temple the magical sight is the puli maram. The tamarind tree said to be thousands of years old under which the temple is situated. A hollow inside, this tree still continues to flower and offer fruits. It is believed by all that all the evil effects and blessings for the need are effected by the ‘Bhadrakali' when visited/worshiped.
About the temple:                 Malayalam
                  In Palakkad District of Kerala Sri. Mannampullikavu temple, an ancient temple of thousands of year old, around I7 km from Palakkad junction is situated. Dateback to Tippu Sulthan’s era while his army men destroyed many Hindu shrines, this temple was also damaged. This temple remained in a dilapilated condition for a number of years. People of this region, when subjected to lot of trouble like diseases, poverty etc, a Devaprasnam was conducted.

          This temple was initially under the guidance of a Brahmin called Peringottu karanavar, Who has taken the work of the entire administrative and spiritual works of the temple. People from all parts without any discretion of caste, creed, language, religion etc. poured for the blessings of the Kali. Because of the local people wanted the temple should be handled by a person of local nativity,a local priest taken charge of the temple. Hence Peringottu karanavar left this temple and went for pilgrimage to Himalayas.

          This Bhadrakali temple is also known as by several names viz Santharooopini, Sathrusamharini, Thejaswini etc. since the temple was in a very dilapidated condition and also  main idol was under the main level of ground about 5 ½ below, this temple was renovated, the main idol got retrieved and Lord Ganapathy, Ayyappan, Gurunathan were installed. The renovation works was started during 2008 and Punaprathishta was conducted on March 8 2008  (Kumbam 24 of 1184)

However the works are incomplete because of parapet work around the temple,a well is to be constructed along with a yagnamandapam.

It is a rare and an ancient famous temple. This temple is situated in a village called ‘Mannampulli” facing east direction. Hence the name ‘Mannampulli kavu” 'Puli' means tamarind tree, Kavu means temple “Mathur means ‘Mahathaya oor’- a famous renowned place.


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